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Frequently Asked Questions

What time do retreats begin and end? 

Retreats usually start in the afternoon or early in the evening, and they end mid-morning, or at noon. 

What is a typical retreat day like?  

The day is divided into the Morning and Evening session, from breakfast to a light dinner. Before breakfast, there is an early morning sit, and after dinner, there is a talk on meditation, or a Q/A session. Retreat schedules are strict in the beginner retreats, but the schedules loosen up from intermediate and advanced retreats. 

What are One on Ones? 

One on Ones are a time for the yogi to meet the teacher personally to inform him of their state and progress regarding their practice and the factors that influence or affect the practice. Once the teacher listens to this, he will either hold a discussion with the yogi or give his teachings in a lecture form. For yogis who have sat Nirodha retreats more than once, a record of their progress is being kept by the teacher for his reference to help the yogi in future.  

What if I need to cancel?

Notify the Nirodha promptly, as you may be holding up another persons opportunity to benefit from the practice.

Can I stay extra nights before or after a retreat?

This may be possible, depending on the venue. Please check with Nirodha.

Can I participate in less than the full retreat? 

Yogis who have done Nirodha retreats before may, in extremely unavoidable situations, enter the retreat late. This is between the yogi and the teacher, so please contact the teacher for information on this. Yogis are NOT allowed to leave retreats early under any circumstances.

Is there a number I can be reached at during the retreat in case of emergency? 

We have an emergency phone number, which will be given to the yogis at the start of a retreat. However, in certain venues phone reception may be unavailable. 

What is the Booking Deposit?

A non-refundable deposit required to reserve a space. It is USD 150 (unless the retreat cost is less than 150) and is deducted from the total retreat fee. 

*The Booking Deposit non-refundable. 

What is the cancellation policy?

4 weeks before the start of a retreat - 50% of retreat fee is refunded.

8 weeks before the start of a retreat - The retreat fee is refunded in its entirety (deduction of costs incurred to return retreat fee)

What if I need to cancel? 

Notify Nirodha by eMail as soon as you know that you are unable to attend. 

Do I lose my deposit if I cancel? 

Your booking deposit will be donated to the Nirodha Retreat Fund, and will be used to facilitate a scholarship program for low-income yogis. 

Can I transfer my deposit to another retreat? 


Can I transfer my deposit to my partner or another person? 


What are the rules in the meditation hall?

We ask that yogis be on time, and not to leave until the end of a sitting. No electronics are allowed in the meditation hall.  If you choose to take notes during a talk or instruction period, please bring paper and a pen.

What are meals like? 

Healthy organic vegetarian meals are provided. Diary and wheat-free diets can be arranged for those who require them (the arrangements are not made unless requested). Coffee and tea are available throughout the day.

Can I practice yoga during the retreat? 

There are specific times in the retreat schedule for individual Body Awareness. During this time, yogis may practice Yoga/TaiChi etc.

Can I attend a retreat as a commuter? 

The teachers determine if they will accept commuters for each retreat. Please contact Nirodha for more information.

Can I camp?

Camping (sleeping in your own tent or car) may be allowed depending on the retreat. Please contact Nirodha for more information.

How does the waiting list work? 

When a retreat is 95% full, a waiting list is formed to accommodate cancellations that may occur. It is recommended that you register to the waiting list of a retreat, even after it has been fully booked. If the retreat  you wish to join is fully booked, you will automatically be added to the waiting list when you send your registration. 

Is it okay to lie down or use a chair during sittings in the hall? 

Yes, if there are any medical or physical conditions that necessitate the use of a chair. Please consult the teacher before doing so.

How do I register for a retreat? 

Register online through our website. If you are not able to register online, contact Nirodha.

Can you save me a spot in a retreat? 

We cannot hold a spot in a retreat without completed registration forms.

What am I paying for? 

The total cost is calculated by adding the cost of the venue and other expenditure for the retreat, such as costs for advertising, transport, etc.  For the time the teacher spends on the yogis, there is no fee. This compensated by the yogis’ offering teacher donation at the end of the retreat. Yogis often worry that they did not bring enough money for the teacher offering, so it is advisable to calculate this to your total budget.

What Should I Bring?

We provide meditation cushions (zafu and zabuton). Alternatively, if you would prefer to bring your own cushions, you are welcome to do so. 

  • indoor shoes or slippers and, if relevant, walking shoes
  • yoga mat
  • toothbrush/paste, shaving items, sunscreen, shampoo, soap (unscented)
  • tylenol/aspirin, cough drops, eye drops and lip balm if needed
  • any prescription medications for the duration of the retreat
  • shawl or wrap for the meditation hall
  • bathing suit (optional)
  • envelope for teacher donations

Bringing your own water bottle will be useful. Yogis are encouraged to pack clothes that are comfortable and not constricting for long sits. Since retreats are conducted at different locations with varying climates, it is advised that yogis check the local weather. Please avoid trailing clothes that rustle as this may disturb other meditators. Bed linen and towels are provided unless otherwise specified. Yogis are still welcome to bring their own.

Will I be able to do laundry? 

Laundry facilities are not provided while on retreat, unless otherwise specified (for longer retreats).

Can I Bring Electronic Equipment?

Yogis are asked to turn off cell phones during the course of the retreat and to not bring laptops, iPads, iPods, Electronic readers or other electronic devices, in order to truly benefit from the opportunity for stillness. We also encourage you not to bring books or other reading materials along for the retreat. This environment is distinct from that of daily life, and it is important to truly dive into the experience, free from distraction. 

When Can I Give Teacher Dana?

Teacher dana is offered to the teacher during a special ceremony in the closing circle at the end of the retreat. Each yogi is given the chance to personally offer the teacher a donation for his teachings. This is usually placed in an envelope before the closing circle.

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